We love cooking as a family and we love spending time in the kitchen together, bouncing ideas off each other and experimenting with new recipes all the time, but most of all we like to eat good homemade food.

When Ali was born, I wanted more time with her, I didn't want to go back to a 9-5, which was more of a 7 to 7, I used to be a TA in a small primary school and loved working with children but it was not a job I could easily fit around my family. I decided to take a year off and think about what I wanted to do. Being Italian, I grew up in a house where we always sat together to eat around a table, chatting, laughing, sometimes shouting at each other, but always together. I was adamant we were going to do the same with our little girl. So, I combined my love of teaching and food and started Mummy's Little Chef. Cooking with kids is a messy, long process, one that requires a lot of patience, but for me, it's a very important activity, which should be tried as often as possible. 

First of all, cooking teaches a life skill and helps to develop a variety of motor and mental skills. Mostly, though, cooking together, gives families a time to share, work and bond. Cooking becomes a team activity, where everyone is responsible for a task and where the meal only comes together if everyone is fully invested in the process. It creates a safe space where we all feel connected and comfortable with each other and can open up about our worries and help us dealing with things that could make us anxious and scared. 

All our tutors are Enhanced DBS cleared.

Our kitchen handles nuts, gluten and other food allergens, therefore it's not trace free.

We do our best to cater for everyone and in case of allergies or intolerances we are happy to adapt our recipes as long as we are told in advance.

An allergy and contact form will have to be completed for every class.