Micronutrients - Minerals

Minerals make up an important part of a child daily nutrition. These inorganic substances are essential for the formation of teeth, bones, tissues and help with keeping the nerve functions and enzyme systems working normally. Although there are many supplements that we can give to our children, our body most efficiently absorbs minerals when they come from food. A varied diet it therefore essential to fulfil our body needs. So here are the main minerals, where to find them na

Micronutrients - Vitamins

It is notorious that toddlers are extremely picky eaters and as parents we spend the majority of our time, trying to figure out if they have had enough healthy food to actually fulfil their needs. The best approach to this is try and offer a variety of food, different colours means different vitamins and minerals, so always try for a rainbow effect on the plate. Vitamins are extremely important for a toddler development, from boosting energy to help with keeping the blood hea

How to talk to kids about healthy eating

When it comes to food and healthy eating, it's never too early to start. Children eating habits can start as young as 6 months and they often carry them with them for the rest of their lives. So the early we teach them about a healthy relationship with food the better. I for one, have always had an odd relationship with food, often fuelled by emotional eating and non stop binging. Needless to say it took me years to get on the right track and be able to make good food choices

Holidays and healthy eating

When travelling with kids routine and good eating habits, often go out of the window, pretty much as soon as you start your holiday (car trip or airport). We love travelling and we do it as often as we can, hoping our little girl will catch the exploring bug. Since her arrival though, we had to adjust our expectations and learn to work more on a routine than travel off the beaten track. Here are some of our tips to try and stay sane, have fun get some healthy food too. 1 - Ai