Veganuary - recap and week 4

I know I am super late with this but last week was surprisingly busy and time just got away from me. To be fair, there was also a lot of eating out last week, which I found surprisingly easy as most restaurant we went too had so many vegan options to chose from. I have to say, as the month went by we found it easier and easier to come up with meals and we did not really feel like we were missing out on anything. So can we keep it up? We like to think so, although our flexitar

Veganuary - recap and week 3

I know, I am a bit late with this post, but the last few days have been really busy around here. So here we are, in the middle of week 3 and I have to say, we are still going strong. The challenge has become surprisingly easy to follow. I am not feeling like I am missing anything anymore and although I am still trying to figure out how to substitute certain things, like eggs, when cooking, it is definitely not as hard as it was the first week. I also feel like my energy level

Veganuary - recap and week 2

Here we are, our first week into Veganuary and I think we did pretty well. The meal plan was a great way for us to keep on track and not have to think on the spot and panic about what to make. We did not falter and stuck to most of the meals, making only a twist or two, no animal product consumed though. Being flexitarian really helped us overcome the lack of animal product. We normally only eat meat and fish once a week, so I knew that was not going to be much of an issue, w

Veganuary - The challenge - Week 1

The past few years January has been synonymous of Veganuary. As established Flexitarian family, we have decided this year, to push things a little further and take part in the challenge. Our diet is 90% plant based already so, hopefully, things shouldn't be too difficult. To make things a little easier and to help us stay own track, though,I have decided to create a little meal plan for us to follow. As we are still away and won't be home until the end of the week, we will st

Christmas food tips

With Christmas just around the corner and the kids breaking off from school, Christmas parties and social engagements filling almost every weekend, it is difficult to keep the kids and ourselves on a healthy diet and although it's great to break the rules every once in a while and we all like to overindulge in all the yummy festive food, it is important to try and maintain some healthy habits. Here are some of my top tips to keep the kids healthy during the Christmas holidays


There are 3 main suppliers of nutrients for our bodies: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Those are what we normally refer to macronutrients as, contrary to vitamins and minerals, we need large quantities of those nutrients for our bodies to function properly. As toddlers try to gain more control over what kind of food they eat and quantities, it is vital to teach them the importance of a healthy and balance diet. Let's look at what micronutrients are and why we need them. Carb

Micronutrients - Minerals

Minerals make up an important part of a child daily nutrition. These inorganic substances are essential for the formation of teeth, bones, tissues and help with keeping the nerve functions and enzyme systems working normally. Although there are many supplements that we can give to our children, our body most efficiently absorbs minerals when they come from food. A varied diet it therefore essential to fulfil our body needs. So here are the main minerals, where to find them na

Micronutrients - Vitamins

It is notorious that toddlers are extremely picky eaters and as parents we spend the majority of our time, trying to figure out if they have had enough healthy food to actually fulfil their needs. The best approach to this is try and offer a variety of food, different colours means different vitamins and minerals, so always try for a rainbow effect on the plate. Vitamins are extremely important for a toddler development, from boosting energy to help with keeping the blood hea

Save money on your groceries!

When it come to food shopping, as a nation, we all spend and buy far more than we actually need, with an average spent of £90 a week. Not only is a waste of good food that could be used by someone else but it's also a big waste of money. As a family of 3 and a cat, we manage to keep our weekly shopping bill to £30-£40. Here are my top tips on how to lower your groceries money. 1 - Make a list and stick to it The biggest money waste always goes on impulse buying! You don't nee

How to talk to kids about healthy eating

When it comes to food and healthy eating, it's never too early to start. Children eating habits can start as young as 6 months and they often carry them with them for the rest of their lives. So the early we teach them about a healthy relationship with food the better. I for one, have always had an odd relationship with food, often fuelled by emotional eating and non stop binging. Needless to say it took me years to get on the right track and be able to make good food choices

Food waste

When dealing with feeding toddlers and children we all come across mountains of food waste. Through the years, I have always tried to get better at reducing and reusing what was left on the plate to try and minimise it. So here are a few of my tips: SMALLER PORTIONS First things first, not all children eat the same. Cater for their needs, do not offer big portions if they are most likely to only eat a bite or two. They can always ask for more, or chose something else to be e

Cooking and fine motor skills

The good development of fine motor skills is necessary for children to gain good coordination and to be able to independently complete tasks such as tying laces, buttoning shirts, holding pencils, etc. Cooking can be a great activity to get your child involved with and help them develop their fine motor skills. With the holidays approaching, why not try a few easy tasks in the kitchen: Stirring and other arm muscles developments actions: - stirring flour, eggs, pancake butter

Holidays and healthy eating

When travelling with kids routine and good eating habits, often go out of the window, pretty much as soon as you start your holiday (car trip or airport). We love travelling and we do it as often as we can, hoping our little girl will catch the exploring bug. Since her arrival though, we had to adjust our expectations and learn to work more on a routine than travel off the beaten track. Here are some of our tips to try and stay sane, have fun get some healthy food too. 1 - Ai

Easter chocolate and toddlers

With Easter just around the corner and the shops full of shimmering golden wrapped, cute bunnies, perfectly shaped eggs and other enticing chocolate bars, tempting small kids in every aisle, it becomes very difficult to curb chocolate and sugar intake in toddlers. However there are small tricks that can help you keep an eye on the sugar overload. - Fixed days Although shops seems to be pushing Easter eggs on us a few days after Christmas, try to limit the chocolate intake to

Meal Planning

Meal planning can seem daunting and sometimes it is difficult to know where to start and how to make it easy. So here are my top tips on how to make meal planning a family thing. - Plan the meals together, getting everyone involved. Make sure there is at least 1 favourite dish for everyone. - Write the meals on a wipeable board, just in case any last minute changes. - Teach the little ones that they might not like everything in every meal but we still sit down at the table

Pineapple and prawns coconut curry.

I was never a big fun of spicy food growing up, my parents have never been the most adventurous eaters and always stuck to Italian food, which is grate and I love it, but it's good to try new things. So since I moved to London, 14 years ago, I have tried to educate my palate to a variety of different flavours, safe to say the training is going very well and I now love love love spicy food, especially a good curry. To avoid the same mistakes, we have been giving Ali curries si

Tips for handling picky eaters

I think the question I get asked the most is: what to do with a fussy eater. Children are unpredictable and can be quite the dictators when it comes to meal time and the food they like! So here are some tips. - Mealtime routine I know it can be difficult sometimes to have set times for meals and snacks, but children do like routines and knowing what is coming makes it easier for them to be prepared and be less stressed about it. - Don't expect too much It is most likely that

Cooking helps family bonding!

Cooking with kids is a messy, long process, one that requires a lot of patience, but for me, it's a very important activity, which should be tried as often as possible. First of all, cooking teaches a life skill and helps to develop a variety of motor and mental skills. Most of all though, cooking together gives families a time to share, work and bond. Especially now, with our days being incredibly busy and full of appointments, classes, meetings, setting some family time, to

Sweet potatoes doughnuts

So I bought myself a little new gadget, a little waffle maker that also has some plates to cook doughnuts in. I love doughnuts and I just couldn't help myself when I saw this little machine. Last Saturday was Ali 3rd birthday and I decided to test the little thing there and then. Me been me though, been a children party and all, I try to make the healthier version of those little parcels of heaven. Ingredients: 1 medium sweet potato mash 250ml warm milk 500g flour 1 egg + 1 y

Veganuary - 7 days dinners

Here we are, the last days of this Veganuary meal plan. So scroll down have a read and enjoy these delicious dinners. Cavolo nero, shallots and carrots salad (warm) Ingredients 10 carrots 3 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp maple syrup Handful crushed walnuts 6 sliced shallots 1 tsp sugar 200 cavil nero, roughly chopped and thick stems removed Salt and pepper to taste Method - First preheat the oven at 180C - Peel the carrots and chop offs the tops, add them to a roasting tin with 2tbsp