Let's talk about snacks

Somehow through the years snacking has gained a real bad reputation but actually snacks make up a very important part of a toddler's diet. Extra goodness First of all, little tummies, only hold small amount of foods, so it is good to keep them topped up. Secondly, well timed and healthy snacks, not only help toddlers to have enough energy to keep them going in between meals, but will also help you getting some extra goodness in the little one's body. Following their cues As k

Fussy eaters and healthy diet

Who knew that feeding a toddler would prove to be such a battleground. Before having kids, no one ever told me how difficult it would be to feed a little person, who is apparently starving all the time, without losing your mind and asking yourself if your child has eaten enough or he/she is actually starving on purpose, just to punish you. Not to mentioned the added pressure to follow a healthy and balance diet, low on sugar, high on veggies and fruit and make sure you serve