At Mummy's Little Chef we are very passionate about good, healthy food and eating habits, which is why we have developed  fun, interactive healthy eating workshops, especially designed for pre-schoolers and primary school children.

Pre- schoolers (ages 3-5)

We offer different 1 hour workshops designed to introduce healthy eating habits and food knowledge to pre-schoolers.

During these workshops, the children will be able to:

- touch, smell, play with different kind of foods.

- colour and take home fun worksheets

- plant some of the foods to take home and grow

- make rainbow salads

- talk about good choices and healthy eating

Infants and Juniors ( ages 6-12)

We offer different 5 hours of workshops (to be spread across the week)  designed to encourage healthy eating habits, smart and healthy eating choices and develop a good relationship with food.

During these workshops, the children will be able to:

- have an understanding about nutrition

- create healthy meals (we will look at creating healthy lunch boxes)

- Talk about smart swaps (sugar, fat, empty calories)

- Learning about food labels

- complete fun worksheets

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We can cater for all allergies and intolerances, although as we work in an open kitchen, we cannot guarantee a trace free environment.