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Christmas food tips

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

With Christmas just around the corner and the kids breaking off from school, Christmas parties and social engagements filling almost every weekend, it is difficult to keep the kids and ourselves on a healthy diet and although it's great to break the rules every once in a while and we all like to overindulge in all the yummy festive food, it is important to try and maintain some healthy habits.

Here are some of my top tips to keep the kids healthy during the Christmas holidays.

Keep an eye on the sugar

With so many delicious treats, it is difficult to say no, especially when the kids are home from school and need lots of entertaining. So do give in on the occasional treat but always try to offer fruit or veggies as an option instead. Sometimes, children ask for food or treats out of boredom or tiredness, so make sure to keep a routine and don't overindulge by giving multiple treats during the day. Keep treats out of the house or for special occasions, if we are surrounded by them, it will be more difficult to not overindulge. Make sure to include lots of fibre rich food, like veggies, pulses and nuts to offset the sugar rush too.

Water, water, water

Again, with all the extra treats kids are bound to have during the festive season, keep the drinks to water. Add frozen fruit ice cubes to their water instead of giving them sugary drinks or juices. Also, remember that festive food can be quite salty, so it's important to offer more water to keep them hydrated.

Remember the rainbow

Try wherever possible to add fruit and veggies at every meal. Different colours mean different nutrients, plus it makes the plate look fun.

Avoid eating around the clock

Family gatherings, parties, late nights, it is easy to find yourself eating all day. Try and keep the kids on a routine as much as possible when it comes to mealtime and snacks to help their digestive system to work efficiently.

Fill them up

If you are going to an event or party and want to make sure your kid is still getting something healthy, give them some food before leaving the house, maybe a green smoothie or some veggies sticks or fruit. They will be fuller and eat less junk food and would have had some nutritious food too.

Keep them moving

Find something to do outside the house, a walk, a trip to the park, trying the new bike, skates etc. A little game in the garden. Wrap up warm and get outside.

Enjoy the party

Focus on the long run and not every single meal, a slip up on routine or extra treat won't hurt. Just make sure that there some healthy options to choose from and remember that being sociable and spend time with family and friends is also highly beneficial for a kid's health.

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