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Cooking and fine motor skills

The good development of fine motor skills is necessary for children to gain good coordination and to be able to independently complete tasks such as tying laces, buttoning shirts, holding pencils, etc.

Cooking can be a great activity to get your child involved with and help them develop their fine motor skills.

With the holidays approaching, why not try a few easy tasks in the kitchen:

Stirring and other arm muscles developments actions:

- stirring flour, eggs, pancake butter, etc

- scrubbing potatoes, mushrooms

- cleaning with a washcloth

- rolling and kneading dough

Pincher grip and hand muscles:

- turning pages, ask them to turn the page of recipe books

- podding peas

- use kitchen tongs

- sprinkling cheese


- dipping, food into sauces

- dip chicken or fish into batter

- peeling (this is great for bilateral coordination)

- sifting flour

- pouring from a big container to a smaller container

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