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Cooking helps family bonding!

Cooking with kids is a messy, long process, one that requires a lot of patience, but for me, it's a very important activity, which should be tried as often as possible.

First of all, cooking teaches a life skill and helps to develop a variety of motor and mental skills. Most of all though, cooking together gives families a time to share, work and bond. Especially now, with our days being incredibly busy and full of appointments, classes, meetings, setting some family time, to share an activity together, can really give us a chance to catch up and actually talk with each other and create a safe space to open up.

Cooking becomes a team activity, where everyone is responsible for a task and where the meal only comes together if everyone is fully invested in the process.

It teaches our children that we trust them by giving them sole responsibility over their own task. It teaches us to listen and be patience, giving them our full attention, instead of running around trying to multi task in between work and family life.

It creates a safe space where we all feel connected and comfortable with each other and can open up about our worries and help us dealing with things that could make us anxious and scared.

So try and set aside some time, even just once a week and make it fun, something to look forward to, like a movie and pizza night, Saturday breakfast or Sunday family roast.

Start from scratch, learn together and give each other space to make mistakes and make a mess. You can always create a cleaning up rota to finish off with.

I promise you, these are the things that you and your kids will look back with fondness later on in life and that will create a stronger bond and a more open relationship.

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