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Cooking with kids

As you know, I am incredibly passionate about cooking with kids from a very early age, so passionate that I have based my business around this idea. Spending time together in the kitchen, it's not just a fantastic bonding experience and it creates lots of fun memories, it also has many many benefits.

Improves basic maths skills

Measuring, counting, fractioning ingredients, converting from cups to ml, all of these can help your child learning new maths skills or improving on what they already know.

Improve reading skills

Reading a recipe, will help with reading skills and introduce new words, therefore improving vocabulary.

More adventurous eaters

Playing with textures, colours, and feeling pride into making something from scratch will help your toddler become more adventurous and more likely to try new foods and make healthier choices in the future.

Boost confidence

Feeling good in making something from scratch will give children a sense of accomplishment, boosting their confidence and pride in their achievements.

Improves fine motor skills

Improve fine motor skills, all the actions that go into cooking, like pouring, mixing, scooping, are great ways to help children work on their fine motor skills, which encourage co-ordination and precision.

Sharing and cooperation

Cooking with someone requires a lot of cooperation and therefore becomes a great opportunity for your child to practice his/her sharing skills by taking turns and sharing the work load.

Life skill

Cooking is a life skill. Learning to cook from a young age will help kids learning a life skill which will help them feeling confident and competent to prepare healthy meals later in life and less likely to rely on fast food and processed foods.

Learning about nutrition

Talking and handling difference ingredients will also prompt you to talk to your child about them. How are vegetables grown, when do you pick fruits from the trees, where does milk come from. Having a good understanding of where our food comes from and how to handle it and how much to eat of it will give your child a good understanding of a balance and varied diet.

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