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Easter chocolate and toddlers

With Easter just around the corner and the shops full of shimmering golden wrapped, cute bunnies, perfectly shaped eggs and other enticing chocolate bars, tempting small kids in every aisle, it becomes very difficult to curb chocolate and sugar intake in toddlers.

However there are small tricks that can help you keep an eye on the sugar overload.

- Fixed days

Although shops seems to be pushing Easter eggs on us a few days after Christmas, try to limit the chocolate intake to specific days like Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. In this way, you avoid months of sugar build up.

- Don't overload

Make it a treat. Give them a choice and only buy one or two chocolates. Don't give in to all the "I want". Kids are bound to get over excited and want all the different shapes and sizes, be firm but gentle, maybe suggest a few non edible gifts, like Easter art and crafts or Easter games.

- Think about size

A small egg will go a long way for kids, give small portions and make it last instead of buying every egg under the sun. Plus the kids will learn to appreciate what they are given and learn how to enjoy things in moderation.

- Be clear

Make sure to tell grandparents, uncles and aunties, etc about your choice. Tell them to maybe one buy one egg all together and make it special instead of buying lots of them. Ask them for Easter cards or maybe a fluffy bunny toy to play with.

Lastly, a little chocolate will not hurt, so let them enjoy it and if you really end up with lots of it, hide it and give a little every once in a while as a treat.

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