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Food waste

When dealing with feeding toddlers and children we all come across mountains of food waste. Through the years, I have always tried to get better at reducing and reusing what was left on the plate to try and minimise it. So here are a few of my tips:


First things first, not all children eat the same. Cater for their needs, do not offer big portions if they are most likely to only eat a bite or two. They can always ask for more, or chose something else to be eaten afterwards. Also smaller portions are less intimidating than big plates of food, so it might actually encourage them to eat more than they normally do.


Based on the food not been to much played on, freeze what is left. Leftover fruit and raw veggies will come in handy for delicious smoothies or fruit pops. Protein and cooked veggies will make for an easy meal on a rushed day.


If you have leftovers veggies you can always used them for veggie muffins. It's a great way to also give them extra veggies as a snack.


We all live in fear of not having enough food in the house, when actually we often end up wasting a lot of unopened, unused food just because we have forgotten we had it or because we have bought far too much of it. Best tip? Before going shopping always check your shelves and cupboards, make a list, use a meal plan. Don't buy on impulse and always make sure you go food shopping on a full stomach, hunger is our worst nightmare when going food shopping.


This is a fun way of using the food waste and it makes for a good family time meal where everyone can pick and chose what to eat. It also makes for an easy dinner as no one really has to cook.

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