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Holidays and healthy eating

When travelling with kids routine and good eating habits, often go out of the window, pretty much as soon as you start your holiday (car trip or airport). We love travelling and we do it as often as we can, hoping our little girl will catch the exploring bug. Since her arrival though, we had to adjust our expectations and learn to work more on a routine than travel off the beaten track.

Here are some of our tips to try and stay sane, have fun get some healthy food too.

1 - Airbnb/apartment.

We find it easier to stick to bedtimes and decent food if we are in an airbnb/apartment. The kiddo can have her space and go off to sleep to her normal time and we still get to chill and have time for us an relax. Yes having to cook whilst on holiday is probably not the most exciting but we try and make it a family thing, going to supermarkets and local shops to find new ingredients and experiment together. We usually try to eat in at least one meal a day also to give us a break from the restaurants food.

2 - Smoothies

Yes, higher in sugar content, but easily accessible and a treat during the holidays. Mama needs her caffeine, kiddo needs her fruit. I usually find a smoothie and coffee places and order one of each to go. Ali loves having her own grown up take away mug and we get it refilled at least once day with some delicious smoothies to get some vitamins and fruit into her.

3 - Tapas style food

We find it easier to order different small dishes to try and share. In this way everyone gets at least one thing they like and we get to try new foods too. It's a win win really. We also let Ali chose first so we can balance her choices with extra veggie dishes or healthier choices.

4 - Food Markets/Healthy Snacks

Explore the local markets and stock up on fresh fruit and veggies you can prepare in the morning and take with you during the day to offer as a snack. If yo u have things ready to chose from, you will be less tempted to buy convenience food from the shops.

5 - Favourites

Make it familiar, especially if you have fussy eaters with you, bring their favourite cups, cutlery plates. Make it easy for them to be in a new environment, having their favourites tools can make all the difference when trying new foods.

6 - Vitamins

Pack your vitamins and dish them out regularly, at least you know they won't be lacking.

7 - Don't stress, remember you are on holiday, you should still enjoy your time and it doesn't matter if routine and healthy eating go out of the window for a few days. Make memories and try again next time!

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