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Let's talk about snacks

Somehow through the years snacking has gained a real bad reputation but actually snacks make up a very important part of a toddler's diet.

Extra goodness

First of all, little tummies, only hold small amount of foods, so it is good to keep them topped up. Secondly, well timed and healthy snacks, not only help toddlers to have enough energy to keep them going in between meals, but will also help you getting some extra goodness in the little one's body.

Following their cues

As kids always do better when they are in a routine and know what's happening, keeping snacks at regular times will be a big help. It will also help your little one understanding what is that feeling of hunger in between meals and how to feel full without over eating but by following his/her body cues.


We all know toddlers love to feel independent and do things by themselves. So give them choices! This does not mean give them everything they asked. Just simply give them some pre planned choices for them to pick from.

Healthy choices

The main reason why snacking has got a bad reputation is because of all the bad snack, low in nutrients and high in sugar, that are out there. Low sugar, unprocessed and high in nutrients snacks are always best. If you are not sure what that means, here are a few:

- Fresh fruits

- Vegetables

- Natural yogurt

- Cheese

- Bread

- Bagel

- Tortilla

- Nut butters

- Hummus

Portion size

Small portions are always recommended, snacks are not meals and remembered those little tummies, a little pick me up in between meals, will go a long way. This will also help both, fussy eaters, as small portions are less daunting and good eaters as it will stop them over eating and be too greedy.

Again, I would like to remind everyone that, although I am studying to improve my knowledge on nutrition, I am by far not a nutritionist just a food lover with a passion about toddlers nutrition.

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