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Micronutrients - Vitamins

It is notorious that toddlers are extremely picky eaters and as parents we spend the majority of our time, trying to figure out if they have had enough healthy food to actually fulfil their needs. The best approach to this is try and offer a variety of food, different colours means different vitamins and minerals, so always try for a rainbow effect on the plate.

Vitamins are extremely important for a toddler development, from boosting energy to help with keeping the blood healthy and improve eye sight, we need these micronutrients on a daily basis, so although there are plenty of supplements we can add to our children's diet, here is where to find them naturally in food.

Vitamin B1

It helps releasing energy from the food to the body and helps both the nervous system and heart to function normally.

It can be easily found in a variety of food like: nuts,seeds, beans, peas and fortified breads and cereals.

Vitamin B2

Works wonder for the skin and also keeps tireless at bay.

It can be found in almonds, milk and milk products, mushrooms and eggs.

Vitamin B3

Another great vitamin for skin and the nervous system functionality.

It can be found in meat, fish and wholegrain products.

Vitamin B6

This is one helpful little nutrient. Vitamin B6 helps to create red blood cells, keep our immune system in check and regulates hormones.

It can be found in meat, fish, egg yolk, soya bean, sesame seed.

Vitamin B12

This one helps with keeping both the immune and nervous system on track and also helps to reduce tiredness.

It can be found in meat, fish, milk and milk product, fortified cereals and breads.


Another vitamin which helps to create red blood cells, it is also essential for the normal development of the nervous system in unborn babies.

It can be found leafy greens, peas and beans, berries and fortified breads and cereals.

Vitamin C

This vitamin packs a punch when it comes to how much it helps our body to function properly. Not only it protects our cells from damage, it works wonders on our immune and nervous system. It also helps our bodies to absorb iron.

It can be found in citrus fruit and berries, leafy greens, peppers and tomatoes.

Vitamin A

It helps with keeping our vision and immune system healthy.

It can be found in liver, cheese, eggs, leafy greens, orange coloured fruit and veggies.

Vitamin D

It helps our body to absorb calcium and works wonders on keeping our bones strong and healthy. It also helps our muscles to function normally.

Although the main source of vitamin D is the sun and the effects it has on our skin, it can also be found in oily fish, eggs, fortified breads and cereals.

Vitamin E

It keeps the cells in our bodies strong and healthy.

It can be found in vegetables and seeds oils, nuts, avocados and olives.

Vitamin K

It helps with keeping the bone structure and the blood clotting to normal levels.

It can be found in leafy greens.

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