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Save money on your groceries!

When it come to food shopping, as a nation, we all spend and buy far more than we actually need, with an average spent of £90 a week. Not only is a waste of good food that could be used by someone else but it's also a big waste of money. As a family of 3 and a cat, we manage to keep our weekly shopping bill to £30-£40. Here are my top tips on how to lower your groceries money.

1 - Make a list and stick to it

The biggest money waste always goes on impulse buying!

You don't need it? Don't buy it.

The list, also helps you sticking to the aisles you need and therefore avoid temptation.

2 - Set a budget

Setting a budget helps you stay focused when going shopping. Try to stick to it as often as you can but don't beat yourself up if you don't always manage.

Having a meal plan helps creating lists of ingredients you actually need too.

It's a good way of challenging yourself every week and see if you can match it.

3 - Shop at the right time of the day and season!

Do not, I repeat, do not go food shopping when hungry!

Feeling of hunger will make everything look delicious and appealing, you are more likely to spend more money because you are craving food than because you actually need it.

Buying seasonal produce will also help you keep the the cost down. Seasons produce it's at its best and cheaper prices than produce not easily found at that time of the year.

4 - Beware of deals and promotions

We all love a deal, but make sure you actually need what you buy before buying it. Not point buying 3 tins of tuna for the price of 2 if you already have some at home.

Check the cupboards before going shopping to make sure of what you have.

5 - Supermarket brands

Swap to supermarket brands, most things are exactly the same and you will not notice any difference. This will save you quite a bit of money.

6 - Use what you have before shopping

Make sure you use everything you have before buying more. Get creative in the kitchen and use your leftovers to make new meals the next day too.

7 - Veggies days

We are flexitarian, which means we are 90% vegetarian with the meat and fish coming out to play at the weekend. I do appreciated not everyone is like us, but try to have one or two veggies days a week, not only if great for the planet, it will also help your spending money.

8 - Recreate your favourites at home

We are a take away loving nation! Now, why not try to recreate your favourites at home and make it a family night where everyone helps out? Cheaper food and family bonding all in one.

9 - Convenience is not cheap

Don't get swept away by easy and convenient food. Ready chopped fruit and veggies, ready meals, might seem convenient and fast but they are always over priced and let's face it the amount of extra packaging they come in, not so great for the planet either!

10 - What works for you

As always, everything is a trial and error. Not everything is going to work for you, try it, see what works, adapt it to your life, routines and needs. Keep what works and move on from what doesn't.

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