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Veganuary - recap and week 2

Here we are, our first week into Veganuary and I think we did pretty well. The meal plan was a great way for us to keep on track and not have to think on the spot and panic about what to make. We did not falter and stuck to most of the meals, making only a twist or two, no animal product consumed though.

Being flexitarian really helped us overcome the lack of animal product. We normally only eat meat and fish once a week, so I knew that was not going to be much of an issue, we only use plant based yogurts and milk so again not much to report on that. Eggs I think are my biggest obstacle, I use them a lot in my cooking, so not having them was a bit of a challenge, I kept looking for them in the kitchen, they are my most used animal product so it was quite hard not to be able to just grab one and incorporate it into the recipes, we managed though and it did become easier by the end of the week. Bizarrely, the thing I missed the most, without a shadow of a doubt..... Parmesan. I did not see this coming, never realised how much I use this in my cooking...apparently a lot, as I kept trying to add it to everything I made. Definitely did not see that one coming but I manage to restrain myself and stayed clear of it.

So, as the meal plan has worked really well for us here is what week two has to offer:


Breakfast: Breakfast pumpkin sandwich

Lunch: Sweet potato and white beans stew

Snack: nuts, apple and seeds

Dinner: we are out so let's see how that goes


Brunch: out with a friend so...

Snack: hummus and veggie sticks

Dinner: Cauliflower mac, no cheese


Breakfast: tomato and avocado bagel

Lunch: Winter salad bowl

Snack: oatbar

Dinner: Spiced lentil stew


Breakfast: coconut yogurt and berries with chia seeds

Lunch: Bagel with hummus, spinach and tomatoes

Snack: fruit bowl

Dinner: Veggie stir fry


Breakfast: granola (no honey), chocolate (vegan) coconut yogurt

Lunch: Roasted veggie cous cous

Snack: edamame beans

Dinner: Winter veggie bowl and quinoa


Breakfast: Porridge with berries and chia seeds

Lunch: Sandwich

Snack: Roasted chickpeas

Dinner: Lentil moussaka


Breakfast: Waffles (vegan) , jam, peanut butter and berries

Lunch: Veggie pasta

Snack: crackers and guacamole

Dinner: Minestrone soup

We have decided to publish all the recipes at the end of the month after they have all been tested properly and checked they are super delicious. So keep your eyes open for publishing day.

Please note that this meal plan has not been made as a specific nutritional plan, it is not intended to be followed as a diet, it is simply a personal challenge, based on taste and food preferences.

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