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Veganuary - recap and week 3

I know, I am a bit late with this post, but the last few days have been really busy around here.

So here we are, in the middle of week 3 and I have to say, we are still going strong. The challenge has become surprisingly easy to follow. I am not feeling like I am missing anything anymore and although I am still trying to figure out how to substitute certain things, like eggs, when cooking, it is definitely not as hard as it was the first week. I also feel like my energy levels have improved and my skin looks so so much better. We are actually strongly considering keeping it up even after the challenge it's over and at the moment it's a discussion we are having almost every day.

I have to say, I am also enjoying testing all the new recipes and trying to come up with new ideas every week to make sure we have a varied and tasty diet. It's surprisingly fun.

We have also been out a few times this week, I was bit worried to actually not finding much to eat that was exciting but boy, was I surprised there. Best menu by far, was definitely Wagamama!!! They had an entire Vegan menu and it was AMAZING. Not kidding, the cake... best cake I have EVER eaten. Seriously try it, macha and mango layer cake, you will thank me later.

So here is the menu for week 3. Some breakfasts and lunches from the previous weeks have been repeated, as I am often on my own but the dinners are all brand new.

As mentioned before, all the recipes will be available after the challenge is over and have been properly tested.

Week 3


Breakfast - Banana, peanut butter on toast

Lunch - Spinach and avocado bagel

Snack - Hummus and veggie sticks

Dinner - One pot lentil dinner


Breakfast - Chia puddings and berries

Lunch - Falafel salad and hummus

Snack - Fruit salad and coconut yogurt

Dinner - Veggie pad thai


Breakfast - Porridge, shaved apple and cinnamon

Lunch - Roasted sweet potatoes and carrot soup

Snack - Apple, mandarin and nuts

Dinner - Vegan meatballs


Breakfast - Coconut yogurt, granola (no honey), berries

Lunch - Winter salad

Snack - Edamame beans

Dinner - Aubergine stew


Breakfast - Avocado and tomatoes on toast

Lunch - Roasted vegetables cous cous

Snack - Oatbar

Dinner - Stuffed butternut squash


Breakfast - pumpkin sandwich

Lunch - Make your own sandwich

Snack - Roasted chickpeas

Dinner - Vegetable tagine


Breakfast - Vegan waffles, maple syrup and berries

Lunch, Snack and dinner - It's our daughter's birthday today so we will decide on the day what to do

Please note that this meal plan has not been made as a specific nutritional plan, it is not intended to be followed as a diet, it is simply a personal challenge, based on taste and food preferences.

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