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Veganuary - recap and week 4

I know I am super late with this but last week was surprisingly busy and time just got away from me.

To be fair, there was also a lot of eating out last week, which I found surprisingly easy as most restaurant we went too had so many vegan options to chose from.

I have to say, as the month went by we found it easier and easier to come up with meals and we did not really feel like we were missing out on anything. So can we keep it up?

We like to think so, although our flexitarian diet is probably the one we prefer the most. So, we have decided to keep our diet 95% plant based with the occasional cheat meal.

Last week's meal plan was super simple, as I said we had a lot of meals out so not much planning on my part.

We are working on writing all the recipes out and they will all be available next week.

Week 4


Breakfast - Weetabix, oats milk, berries

Lunch - Sweet potatoes and chickpeas salad

Snack - nuts, banana

Dinner - out


Breakfast - Bagel with avocado and tomatoes

Lunch - Mixed beans salad

Snack - hummus and veggie sticks

Dinner - Pasta with mushrooms


Breakfast - Porridge, cinnamon and apple

Lunch - Cous Cous with veggies

Snack - Crackers with guacamole

Dinner - Veggie risotto


Breakfast - Coconut yogurt with granola and berries

Lunch -Wrap with tomatoes, avocado, beans

Snack - edamame beans

Dinner - out


Breakfast - Waffles with jam and peanut butter

Lunch - Carrots and chickpeas salad

Snack - mandarin, nuts

Dinner - Pasta with veggies


Breakfast - Porridge, turmeric and berries

Lunch - Felafel, hummus

Snack - oatbar

Dinner - Vegan pizza


Breakfast - Vegan croissant

Lunch - lentil and mushroom stew

Snack - fruit salad

Dinner - Vegan burger from Leon

Please note that this meal plan has not been made as a specific nutritional plan, it is not intended to be followed as a diet, it is simply a personal challenge, based on taste and food preferences.

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