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Veganuary - The challenge - Week 1

The past few years January has been synonymous of Veganuary. As established Flexitarian family, we have decided this year, to push things a little further and take part in the challenge. Our diet is 90% plant based already so, hopefully, things shouldn't be too difficult. To make things a little easier and to help us stay own track, though,I have decided to create a little meal plan for us to follow. As we are still away and won't be home until the end of the week, we will start our challenge on Monday 6th until the end of the month.

Each week, I will post a summery of how we got on and how we feel about it, plus the meal plan for that week and a taster recipe. The full recipes will be available for buying in our virtual shop at the end of each week.

Here is the full meal plan for week 1. Taster recipe to follow.

Week 1


Breakfast - banana, peanut butter on toast

Lunch - avocado & tomatoes wrap

Snack - nuts, apple and satsuma

Dinner - pasta e fagioli (pasta and beans)


Breakfast - coconut yogurt, chia seeds, granola (no honey)

Lunch - chickpeas and carrots salad

Snack - oatbar

Dinner - veggie burger and salad


Breakfast - sweet potato breakfast

Lunch - spinach and avocado bagel

Snack - edamame beans and mixed seeds

Dinner - black bean quinoa


Breakfast - porridge, shaved apple and cinnamon

Lunch - chickpeas cous cous bowl

Snack - guacamole and crackers

Dinner - roasted cauliflower and potato curry with rice


Breakfast - Tomatoes on toast and chia seeds

Lunch - falafel salad and hummus

Snack - roasted chickpeas

Dinner - Veggie pasta


Breakfast - chia puddings and berries

Lunch - quinoa, tomatoes and orange salad

Snack - veggie sticks and hummus

Dinner - chilly no carne


Breakfast - vegan pancakes with nuts and berries

Lunch - roasted sweet potatoes and carrot soup

Snack - fresh apple rings with toppings

Dinner - coconut red lentils dahl

Please note that this meal plan has not been made as a specific nutritional plan, it is not intended to be followed as a diet, it is simply a personal challenge, based on taste and food preferences.

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