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Why eating seasonal food is better!

Do you, like me, remember when certain foods where only available at certain times of the year? I remember waiting for summer to taste delicious juicy peaches, and dreaming of Autumn for tasty fresh grapes and squash. Now everything is available all the time,strawberries in winter, squash in summer, pears all year round, just walk to the nearest supermarket and you will be sure to find an array of produce to make you forget what season we are actually in.

However, I still believe that eating seasonal food is better, not just for the environment and the carbon print, but for our health and wallet.

Here is why.

- First of all fruit and vegetables always taste better when they are freshly picked and ripen naturally at the right time of the year. Think of all those tasteless tomatoes that you can buy in supermarkets all year round.

- Seasonal food is always cheaper. Having to buy produce that is out of season will involve a lots of extra costs, like transport and storage and these costs will be passed down to the consumer.

- Nature is smart. Seasonal food has everything our body needs at that time of the year. Think of all the vitamin C rich foods that are at their best in winter? Or all the beautiful root vegetables that we use to make soups and comfort meals? Or all the fresh, sweet fruit that helps us to cool down in the summer months?

- Eating seasonally it's also planet friendly. Not having a constant demand for all the fruits and vegetables throughout the year gives a break to crops, cuts down the use of hot houses and cuts down the transport foot print, it also makes it easier to buy locally and support local farmers.

I don't know about you, but eating seasonally gets a big thumbs up from us!!!

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